Welcome to PAS Kawasan Klang! This is a new site for everyone to obtain their daily, weekly, monthly dose of PAS Activities in the Klang District. We intend to post all our statements and activities here – and we do hope there are constructive criticism so that we continuously improve. In anycase, below are details of our online contact:


Nama Organisasi : Parti Islam Se-Malaysia, Kawasan Klang
Email : pas.klang@gmail.com
Laman Web : http://www.pasklang.org/
Laman Blog : http://paskawasanklang.blogspot.com
Yahoo Chat : pas.klang@yahoo.com

 Please visit our Blogsite to get the latest activities and press statements.

Sila lawat laman blog kami untuk activiti terkini serta kenyataan akhbar PAS Kawasan Klang.

Anyway, please be patient as the Webmaster learns the ropes of blogging and webpage design. Do visit us often!

Till then, Wassalam!